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Introducing a full range of advanced vehicle telematics, tracking, messaging and diagnostic systems, from a trusted worldwide manufacturer.

What is I-Vision?

The Future Has Arrived

I-Vision is a division within Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd offering a range of telematics system for Commercial Vehicle operators

Mimamori is Isuzu's premium product which offers a full range of tracking features, including a fully comprehensive driver and vehicle reporting suite.

With Japan being at the forefront of technology around the world, Mimarmori has been purpose-developed for our European market.



Mimamori is a live, web-based, vehicle tracking and two-way messaging system that is used in 45,000 commercial vehicles in Japan.

It’s for improving operational efficiencies, communication systems and reporting structures for many major operators.

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how it works

Everything about Mimamori is designed to give you peace of mind. All contained in a simple, easy-to-use single DIN unit.

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CV Show 2013

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Isuzu Truck unveils its new ‘I-Vision’ department and launches Isuzu Motors Japans telematics system

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Isuzu Truck unveils its ‘I-Vision’ for the future at CV Show

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