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Our Use of Cookies


A “cookie” is a small piece of text data that is stored on the user’s computer, and is typically used to identify that particular visitor and aims to provide them with a more efficient experience.  This technology is used to effectively customise pages for the visitor, by storing login information or preferences and history, as well as indicating useful traffic tracking for the website owner. 

Cookies do not contain any personal information about the user, and most web browser allows a level of control (through the browser settings) so that users can manage or delete such cookies.

Session Cookies:

“Session cookies” are used in a similar way, but they are stored in temporary memory and are destroyed when the user closes the web browser.  These cookies are used by the web server to store information about the users’ browser session and help the use the website interactively.  This type of cookie also enables web owners validate the user, making sure that it is no one else under pretence.

By ticking the box “Remember my Details” on the login page, this enables a cookie to retain this information.  The cookie will be deleted when the user manually logs out.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that assists website owners to track the usage of their sites.  Google Analytics uses cookies and stores user information such as browser version, screen resolution, IP address and the user’s site activity is tracked in order for the website to understand and evaluate which pages and information is most useful for its visitors, allowing the website to develop and improve its services.