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I-Vision Drive & Complete

The I-vision team also offer two alternative products to mimamori. I-vision complete and I-vision drive are available both for Isuzu vehicles and for other brands. they do not offer such comprehensive benefits as mimamori, but are still very extensive, and will meet the needs of businesses that do not require as much information as mimamori provides.

I-vision complete and I-vision drive both include a detailed user-friendly reporting suite: basic tracking (I-vision drive), and basic tracking plus driver and performance data (I-vision complete). Basic tracking delivers dot-on-map real-time visibility of vehicle location. tachograph integration and geofencing of delivery points gives automatic updates on job progress. out-of-hours it provides alerts of unauthorised vehicle movements, enhancing security. the on-line mapping application uses Bing map data with truck-specific routing, so users can plan point-to-point routes to maximise productivity and minimise mileage and fuel costs. I-vision complete data is captured from the vehicle can-bus via the vehicle’s Fms port. adding driver and vehicle performance intelligence gives managers greater insight into how vehicles are being driven, highlighting key areas including harsh braking or acceleration, speeding, and excess idling.

The reports from both products are presented in a user-friendly graph style which make it easy to see at a glance which areas of the operation need attention.